I also come from a long line of relatives who’d proudly served their country, so I joined the British Army not long after leaving school, serving throughout Cold War Europe during the 1980s. A historically tense period, I soon developed a deep interest in geo-politics, global security and current affairs. I also devoured books, mainly fiction, and most notably the works of Frederick Forsyth, Gerald Seymour and Tom Clancy, whose themes provided inspiration for my early writings.

After leaving service I made several futile attempts at finding a publisher for a collection of short, military-based stories I’d written. After a year of pre-internet photocopying, stamp-licking, and schlepping around London’s publishers without success, I decided to put my writing on hold in order to earn a living, working primarily as a technical consultant but occasionally as a film extra. And it was the film work that became the catalyst for my future writing.

It all began when I answered an advert for former soldiers, after which I was chosen to work on Steven Spielberg’s Band of Brothers alongside Tom Hanks, Damien Lewis, Tom Hardy and Michael Fassbender. The experience reignited my lifelong passion for storytelling, and I went on to make several short films and a documentary about life on set using previously unseen footage (find out more on my FILM page).

My first novel, Invasion, was born of a short film script I’d written about a Prime Minster and his advisors who’d become trapped in their bunker below Downing Street while chaos reigned above. A military thriller, set in a world of failing western economies and a burgeoning Islamic superstate, Invasion sold out its entire print run in three months. The book quickly caught the attention of a major TV producer who planned to turn Invasion into a ten-part mini-series, but sadly the post 7/7 political climate meant that the project was shelved.

Undeterred, I pursued those same themes in The Horse at the Gates, a dystopian political thriller set in Britain’s near future. The crisis in Syria, the rise of Islamic State, the seemingly unstoppable tide of terrorism in Europe and the continued public debate over mass immigration all tie in perfectly with this fast paced, provocative thriller that continues to reflect today’s headlines.

My third novel, The Angola Deception, delves deep into the world of the power elites, the existence of the Deep State, and the quiet influence that secretive groups have on both global events and an unsuspecting humanity. Naturally the story begins on 9/11, and with a former Navy Seal who finds himself complicit in the conspiracy that led to the reshaping of modern history. Pacy and original, The Angola Deception is a conspiracy thriller not to be missed.

My writing continues to be inspired by world events, both seen and unseen, and the myriad of characters who inhabit the shadows. Fortunately I have some good contacts serving with British and US Special Forces, the police and security services, and with several media and political figures who shall remain nameless. More often than not, their fascinating and frequently unnerving contributions often make it into my novels.

I like to think my work is innovative and thought-provoking, and some have likened my style to Robert Harris and Frederick Forsyth, although I freely admit I couldn’t hold a candle to either.

My next book FORTRESS, a military thriller and the sequel to The Angola Deception, is due out in 2018. I’m also working on a feature film project that promises to be as pacy, imaginative, and as thrilling as my novels.

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